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4 thoughts on “Video

    1. Hi Dave. Thanks. I used Real Russia formy visas. I had a double entry business visa for Russia and a tourist visa for Mongolia. The great thing about RR is that it’s all done by post so you don’t have to visit the embassies, which a big saving in time and money. Good luck on your adventure.

  1. Hi Dave,
    Was wondering how that fender bag worked for you. Did you need to drill some holes in the mud guard to secure the bag? Did the straps rub on the tire? Can see that happening with just a bit of mud. Looks like a good piece of kit although maybe better suited for a raised fender ….motor cross style, you know what I mean.

    1. Hi. Yeah it worked out real good, I used it to hold my misc tool kit . It’s pretty securely fitted and it doesn’t interfere with the tyre in anyway. I didn’t cut an slots in the fender. It did come off once in Mongolia… I was riding like a maniac down a REALLY bumpy road. Luckily a random KTM rider saw it, picked it up, turned around and found me. I have another that I modified slightly to put on my cross bar that I keep little bits in. It’s a nice little bag. Steve

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