‘Touring’ Kit

The GTR1400 is my pure road bike, a mile crunching super sports tourer. This is for doing things and going places that I won’t need or want the GS for. I might still be camping at a campsite but I aint going anywhere near an off road track or trail on this. It’s for short, or long trips touring, perhaps 2-up, but most likely solo, and staying in hotels or hostels – less vagabond? Conversely, the GS is what I refer to as my ‘adventure’ bike, which is really my way of saying travelling, usually solo, for extended periods in the middle of FSM only knows where, wild camping and going ‘off’ road. I don’t quite need the same amount or type of kit as I do when I’m in ‘adventure’ mode, so here’s the kit I plan to take when I’m sports touring. You’ll see a fair bit of overlap with my ‘adventure’ kit.

Bike Glove Box

I love this little glove box, you can’t get much in their but is perfect for a few little bits. It’s lockable but I wouldn’t leave valuables in here…


  • Dummy wallet (expired cards: credit/debit cards, old drivers license, old receipts and small amount of local daily currency)
  • Chewing gum, lypsil, Ibuprofen

Tank bag: Givi XS307 Tanklock

I have the Bagster tank cover so I had to raise the tanklock ring slightly…


  • Battery charging
  • Small micro-fibre towel
  • 1 x emergency field dressing & 1 x survival blanket
  •  sunblock
  • LED head torch
  • Stanley multi-tool
  • Hip flask with some Johnnie Walker black (great to have a tipple)
  • Pipe & tobacco & cigarettes (even if you don’t smoke cigarettes break the ice  and grease the wheels, they can get you through borders quicker and might help avoid speeding tickets)
Map pocket:
  • Maps & Recta elite global compass… (I rely almost entirely on my Zumo 660 with the most up-to-date FREE and downloadable OSM maps – but a real map and compass is vital to cover GPS failure)

Topbox: Givi Maxia E55 Tech3:

  • Documents in document flap (passport, V5 & driving license – insurance, breakdown cover, health cover etc are packed in a pannier)
  • Clear visor
  • MSR Hubba Hubba Tent, poles, pegs, footprint(s) & loft

  • Sleep System: Exped 7DLX inflatable down mattress, Thermarest fitted sheet, large Thermarest Ventra (in a Medium Sea-to-Summit Event Compression Sack) & Nimo Fillo travel pillow
  • 4L MSR Dromedary and MSR Hyper Flow waterfilter & chlorine dioxide steri-tabs

Right side pannier:

  • Stop ‘n’ Go tubeless pocket tyre plugger kit, 5x CO2 canisters and mini air compressor

  • Mini Miscellaneous Kit (quick fix things thinks like cable ties, gaffer tape, JB weld…)
  • Mini Tool Kit (Basic: multi tool, wrenches, hex sockets…)
  • Optimus Crux and solo cookset: titanium spork, MSR alpine scraper/scub, tea towel, dish soap
Optimus Cux – great solo or weekend gas canister system, useful for basic food and water boiling

  • Laundry kit (in an Exped waterproof bag), mesh bag, Sea-to-summit 10L kitchen sink, Sea-to-summit clothes line, Sea-to-summit laundry wash
  • Wash kit: micro-fibre towel, travel plug, shower gel, scrub, anti-perspirant, toothbrush, toothpaste & dental floss, small gillete razor, moisturiser, extra tissues, nail Clippers, folding wash bowl.
  • Bin bags
  • First Aid Kit
  • Toilet bag: small folding shovel, pee bottle, tissues, wet wipes, had sanitiser

Left side pannier:

Don’t buy the genuine kawasaki bags they’re crazy expensive… my copies are better value: that little front pouch perfectly fits my Stop ‘n’ Go.


  • Clothes: 5 x underwear, 5 x socks, 2 x cargo trousers/shorts, 3 x T-shirts, fleece jacket, thermal underwear
  • Trainers & sandals
  • Laptop & cables: EU adaptor, USB-SD adaptor, Iphone charger

2x Kriega US10

  • Waterproofs: trousers, gloves, poncho (top box rack)
  • Waterproof rain cover, disc lock & cable, 2 x spare Rok straps (rear seat )
On my person
  • Cardo Scala Rider Q3 & Drift Ghost HD
  • UltimateEar custom made Sound Ears
  • Iphone4

On the Bike Under the seat:

  • Spare Keys
  • Owners manual with emergency credit card & $100 cash
  • Taped to inside of fairing: emergency key, headlight bulbs

Handle bars

  • Zumo 660 in a Lockable Touratech V2 Mount
  • Drift Ghost HD Remote
  • SPOT2

If I need extra capacity I can strap my Wolfman Expedition Small Duffel Bag across the back seat


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