BMW F800GS (2008)

2008 BMW F800GS AKA ‘Hitch’

The bike is named after an intellectual inspiration and hero of mine, Christopher Hitchens 1949 – 2011. He is described as a British-American author, polemicist, and journalist but to me he was very much more. I had the honor and the privilege to meet him in person, albeit briefly but it was his words, chief amongst others, that changed the very way I thought and as a result helped transform my world view. Sadly, he has left the party but he is not forgotten. He was a staunch advocate for skepticism, free inquiry and rational thought. He was an indefatigable hero of secular humanism, justice and equality. “Take the risk of thinking for yourself, much more happiness, truth, beauty, and wisdom will come to you that way.”

Personalisations & Modifications:

Metal Mule 18mm Symetrical Pannier Frames & Scorpion Exhaust
TT Crud Catcher
Metal Mule High Tinted Screen (trim is by the side of the A14 somewhere), Holan Mesh Headlight Guard & Twalcom Auxiliary Spotlights
Holan Mesh Headlight Guard & Twalcom Auxiliary Spotlights, Romatech Radiator Guard (replaced with Metal Mule Radiator Guard)
Avant Fender Extender
TT Reservoir Guard, Twalcom Folding Mirror
TT Rear Reservoir Guard
Pivot Pegs Mk3, TT Chain Guard, TT Frame Guard, TT Break Pedal Extender
Pivot Pegz Mk3, TT Frame Guard, TT Heel Protector Extension & TT Folding Gear Lever
Pivot Peg Mk3 Toppers
GoCruise Throttle Lock, Grip Huggies
1.75″ Rox Risers, Wunderlich Crossbar
Handlebar Quick Adjust Levers
TT Regulator Guard
BikeStart Socket
TT Horn Guard, Grip Huggies, Z-Technic Mirror Extenders, VIO POV Remote
Garmin Zumo 660, TT V2 Locking Mount, Wunderlich Sunshade
TT Tool Box for BMW Enduro Bashplate
Agri Tool Tube
Agri Tool Tube with Fluorescent Horizons Unlimited Sticker
Barkbusters Handguards
TT LED Indicators
TT LED Indicators
Continental TKC80, TT Shaft Cover, Romatech Chainn Guard (don’t bother… I’ve gone through 2. The latter only lasted 2 months. They can’t handle winter riding: corroding and snapping.
Ilum Works Side Stand Foot Enlarger
Sargent Comfy Touring Seat
very comfy…
ADV-Spec Crash bars
ADV-Spec Crashbars
ADV-Spec Crashbars, Barkbusters Storm Handguards
ADV-Spec Crashbars
Cruiser Pegs
Cruiser Pegs
Ohlins Rear Shock with a a 200n/m spring (without hydraulic pre-load). Yacugar Progressive Fork Kit also installed, but obviously nothing to photo.
Swapped out the TT bash plate for the ADV-Spec one… the tool box on the TT bash plate was too small in truth. I have a small, totally waterproof NATO ammo can that I’ve sprayed black that I will fit to the bash plate for my tools.
The Romatch chain guards above are total shite… I’ve had a three all broken, the last somewhere in Turkey, so I got the TT one from Istanbul and eventually got it powdercoated when I spruced up the GS.
TT instrument cover with a regular 12v and BMW DIN sockets that go straight to the battery.
you can barely see it behin the screen but this is the TT dash cover that hides the instrument cover wiring for the accessory sockets… it was my purchase of this that I met Lisa & Jason from TwoWheelNomad
Wavey-flaming Moto-Master brake discs… I noticed the bobbins on the stock were very loose so thought I’d treat Hitch to some nice new discs.
I actually got these at an unbelievably great price, which turned out to have been an error by the dealer!
Covered up, out of sight of prying eyes & fiddling fingers…

Personalisation & Modification Pics to come:

TT Bash Plate Extender

Wolfman Teton Soft Saddle Bags

Metal Mule Radiator Guard


12 thoughts on “BMW F800GS (2008)

  1. Steve,

    Might I compliment you on your bike and a very well thought through selection of extras… thanks for taking the time to post the pics and also for producing the site !

    Wishing you safe riding and many adventures.



    Ps. I particularly like the homily to Hitch (who’s something of a favourite of mine too) and also the FSM !!

  2. Nice bike! Lotsa goodies, but also adding weight, which you´ll regret once you´re going offroad in Russia? No sollution for the small(15lt?)fueltank, you’ll probably need more range?
    Greetz, Hans.

    1. Thanks mate. I was privileged to have met him and chat with him, albeit momentarily, along with Stephen Fry at an IQ2 debate I attended in London a few years ago. I can honestly say I loved that man and I truly miss him. His words played a huge part in changing my entire world view.

  3. Hi, great list extras on the bike. When are you off on the next adventure. I own an F800 GS as well and was wondering about your suspension upgrade. Was it worth it? Did it change the handling off road?

    1. Thanks. I’ll have to put some newer pics up as I’ve changed a few things – had all the bits re-powder coated too but now I need some new wheel hubs so I might make a significant upgrade with some Woody’s Wheels. All I can say is the Ohlins feels better than the stock but in all honesty the stock would probably have been fine – unless your going to really push it off road. I went for the non-hydraulically adjustable version as I was told if you do get problems it’ll most likely be the hydraulic seals but in retrospect I should have just gone with the hydraulically adjustable version as I think it would have been fine. I was a bit sick of off road when I got back and i really wanted a nice sport tourer for the roads of Europe so I got myself a GTR1400. I kept the F800GS as I couldn’t bear to part with it. Saving up a the moment fora grand RTW Tour focusing on Central Asia, South America and USA, so probably nothing too grand for 2-3 years. Do you have a blog or Youtube link, would love to see your F800GS? How about you, any trips planned?

  4. Hi Stephen, as a fellow 800GS (Adventure) rider AND Christopher Hitchens fan, I thank you for sharing your very useful and practical preparation and travel advice…and thank Hitch for his wonderful, insightful and fearless iconoclastic views on much of the conditioning and childish nonsense that attempts to hold us in fear and dumb acceptance!

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