Agri Tool Tube Installation

“Incredibly versatile tube with multiple mounting options and a screwdown top which allows riders to carry an assortment of items (fuel bottles, tools etc.) safely and in a location of choice anywhere on a bike.”

When I was fitting my Zega Pro cases before leaving on my Mongolia & Siberia adventure, instead of mounting my tool tube on the frames as I should have done, I was a lazy git and just attached it directly to my pannier. Not really ideal but it worked okay. The Zega Pro’s are nice looking cases but they’re not perfect: after a spill they now leak, probably an easy fix with some silicone, but they’re also quite heavy. Despite they’re advantages, some real and some just imagined, I’ve decided to give soft luggage a try and having found some tidy little Wolfman Teton bags on eBay at a great price I thought it was about time I fitted the tool tube properly. It’s a great little tube that I’ve ke[t all sorts in; tools and puncture kits in it as you’d expect but it’s also a great fit for the 1L MSR type fuel bottles, apparently a bottles of wine fits too but I’m an ale man myself…  Time for a quick digression. I chose Wolfman as I already have a fair bit of there kit already; its pretty good and I like it a lot. They’re much smaller than hard cases but that’s part of the reason I’m trying them. I’ve noticed excess space when packing for trips recently so I think I can get away with less space. I have other luggage on the bike so I do have some extra capacity elsewhere. Back on topic. I’ll use the tube to carry my Trangia’s meths (another experimental departure from my ‘burn anything’ Optimus nova+) but Wolfman have a bottle carrier for that so I may revert to using it to carry my puncture kit.

The Agri(cultural) tube,  also known as the John Deere tool tube, is a very common accessory in the ADV moto community because it’s cheap and effective. Before we co-opted them into our service they were originally used to store user manuals. They’re made from a strong injection moulded plastic with mounting tabs at each end and have an internal diameter of 8cm and an internal depth of 29cm (base to top of cap when closed). It’s not totally waterproof as it has a tiny hole on the back, presumably to prevent it forming a vacuum so the top doesn’t get stuck on – although you could just put a bit of tape over the hole if you wanted. They’re available from ADV-Spec in the UK for £16. It’s really easy to fit, I suggest using whatever hardware you have, but as I didn’t have anything suitable I purchased 3x 16mm black anodised P-clips from eBay. Although the frames are 18mm these clips grip the frames snugly. I also got a pack of stainless steel flanged M5 bolts (12mm long), washers and nyloc nuts. The hardware probably cost £10 but I have plenty of spares. In retrospect the bolts could have been a bit longer; 20mm would have been better, along with a few penny washers. You’ll probably need some sort of bracket as well to attache the rear p-clip, I used what I had. The rest should be obvious from the pictures.

Located in the centre of the frames so I can still use my hard cases with the puks.
Slightly longer screws and a penny washer would be nice but it works. NB: the hole.
I don’t know where the bracket came from… I think it was to mount something to my cross bar?


Lovely jubbly.

I know, the bikes filthy. I gave her a good clean and polish a few weeks ago then it pissed it down, but this winter has taken its toll. She’s getting due for a service very soon so I’m going to give her a bit of a makeover at the same time with some nice new shiny hardware, some powder coating where needed to freshen it up, a lick of paint and a good polish of the headers. I’m considering a colour change too: black carbon fibre (maybe yellow-black carbon fibre)?


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