The Grey Havens of Switzerland

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I;m now in Switzerland proper so I’ve reset my GPS to avoid toll roads. I don’t want to pay for them and I don’t want to see dual carriageway the whole time. I take the minor roads through Bern and then onto Thurn, the Interlaken and Giesbach. It’s simply breath-taking, the water is a magnificent turquoise blue and is so inviting on this hot 25degree day, it’s taking all of my will power not to jump right in. The roads are truly great, lots of long twists and turns that require the utmost concentration and takes every fibre of my being to stay on the road. I’m taking it easy though, my bike is heavy and I’m my confidence is still growing. This would be a great place to come back to and spend a few days riding around of a nice sports tourer or Cruiser WITHOUT luggage and stayng in the nice hotels dotted all around the lake.

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From Giesbach I head up into Germany and the Black Forest, there’s something about trees and forests that draws me to them. Maybe I’m expecting them to come alive, which is apt because these rolling hills covered with rich green trees and the gentle mist rising in the distance reminds me of Thangorn Forrest. I’m heading in the general direction Baden-Baden and decide to look for a campsite around Lake Titisee, which is lovely but not a patch on the Swiss lake I saw earlier, I hope I don’t start under appreciating the landscape because I’ve been spoilt rotten with the amazing natural beauty of Switzerland. As I take a turn off the main road, I take a gamble by turning down a public footpath but I immediately regret my decision:  greet walkers by the dozens, many giving me dirty looks no matter how much I put on the profusely apologetic smiley face.

I continue along the public footpath that skirts the Titisee as I really have no choice, I can’t turn around because track is a too narrow and cambers down into the lake with a drop of probably a couple of metres. There’s no way I’m going to try turning it round here. But things get a little more complicated when the track narrows even further, the drop into the water gets even higher, the surface because more sandy and it’s barely wide enough to get through. Luckily there’s no-one on this stretch of track but I have a choice to make: struggle backing up or carry on and hope it opens out and or joins the main road. I take the latter and within 50metres it reljoins the road. It was a calculated risk to continue as I knew there was a campsite somewhere along the trail. So I decide to head to it and find out how much it costs, I really want to jump in the water and swim. Unfortunately the price was 15Euro, I offered 10Euro but no joy, and after having a look round I decided to continue looking for a wild campsite.

The problem with this particular region is its steep hills and the  ramblers that are drawn to the lake. I head out of the area in search of somewhere more open. It doesn’t take me long to find somewhere in the spooky Black Forest… I’m sure I saw a couple of Ents, the trees were talking to each other. I hope they didn’t mind my presence. The Black Forrest is beautiful and there are yet more twisty roqds here: bikers heaven. I decided not to go all the way up to Baden-Baden because Berchtesgarten and Hitler’s Eagles nest are calling. So that’s where I’ll be heading 2mora, after I find somewhere to charge up and get an internet connection.

Yummy, sausage sarny and a beer!

4 thoughts on “The Grey Havens of Switzerland

  1. Looks ace Steve. The only problem for me is that by the time your finished there will be about 20 more countries I’ll need to visit and I’m also starting to want a bike.

  2. I’m really enjoying reading your posts Steve. Switzerland looks absolutely stunning. Keep them coming and look after yourself! x

  3. Hi big man, just to let you know the weather here in P/bro is 29 degs, not
    grumbling tho after all that rain.
    Glad your enjoying it and taking in all the fantastic scenary.
    let us know all about Hitlers eagles nest.
    We are all on ya tail, Tonythefish X.

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