Entering Switzerland

Bored of the champagne region I decided get down into Switzerland ASAP. This meant toll roads. I decided early on that I would avoid this robbing bastards and stick to free highways and byways but doing so usually add a couple of hours to the journey, not a bad thing if its gorgeous, indeed the whole point of avoiding the tolls. However, was craving to see some mountains so I decided to get on the payage and 300 miles later I was in the south of France and things were looking decidedly better.

I soon crossed the border and I was into Switzerland. WOW, it was truly beautiful, but this wouldn’t compare to what I would see the following day. It was getting on and I wanted to stop a bit earlier to do some washing so I went hunting for campsites and found a peach next to a river in a stunning valley. As usual I pitched up and got myself sorted. I washed some stuff and hung it out to dry in the last few hours of sunshiiiiiine. Along with the cool breeze my duds were soon dry. After some ham and eggs I settled in with a movie. In hindsight I probably stopped a wee bit early but I had been riding all day and was tired from not getting much sleep the night before.

Video to follow


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