Berger Handlebar Quick Adjust Levers

Wunderlich Handlebar Quick-Adjust

When riding off road, better control and best results can be achieved when standing on the pegs. When standing however, your arms reach the bars at entirely different angles than when sitting and therefore, the levers should ideally be repositioned for optimum comfort and control. The best tip, and one well known by experienced GS riders is to simply rotate the bars up and forward when traversing the technical off road sections and then rotate them back again when returning to the paved or gravel road. This trick does two things: it effectively raises the bars so that you don’t need to bend over as much and also positions the levers down, so they can more easily be reached while standing. As good an idea as this may be, it normally still involves the use of tools and stopping to dig out the proper wrench. With the Wunderlich Quick Adjusters, you’ll be able to rotate your handlebar quickly and easily with only a brief break in the action. Once installed, you’ll be able to loosen you handlebar clamps, adjust your bars and tighten them again, without the use of additional tools.

Excellent, just what I need, except Wunderlich were less than helpful in advising me which ones to buy for my F800GS with the Rox Risers. So I decided to go elsewhere, and I ordered some from Berger Tools UK at only £3 each… Wunderlich are doing well with their mark-up price.

Zinc casted adjustable hand levers from Berger Tools UK (Part Number: GN302-63-M8-25-SW)

GN302 = Model (LOTS of others available)

63 = Length of Handle (a slightly longer one is available at 78mm)

M8 = Bolt Size (different sizes available)

25 = Bolt Length (different sizes available)

SW = Colour (also in red, orange & silver)

More detailed specs from here.

These straight handle levers have an internal spring and ratchet mechanism. By slightly lifting the handle the lever can be positioned at almost any angle. This allows you to rotate the lever to achieve the ideal point of leverage as well as position the lever after adjustment. The straight handle also presents a greater advantage when space is limited, plus they’re much more pleasing to the eye.

The bolt was a perfect fit except for the shoulder, which was ever so slightly too short (H2 in the above specs) once in the Rox Riser recess. The solution was easy just add an appropriately sized spacer: I used a couple of crush washers. The handles are the ideal length to turn a full 360 degrees without hitting the handlebars. The handles are cast zinc so they’re good and strong and will stand up well to the elements.

Once tightened down you can lift the handles and orientate them to just about whatever position suits you best. I put mine on the front just because thy’re easier to get with my Touratech V2 Zumo 660 GPS mount. They could just as easily be installed on the rear bolts.

There are lots of varieties of handles available, some with longer handles, others with angled handles and most come in different colours. I’m very happy with mine and they’re a snip of the price of the big name brand.

Perfectly size to match the bolt, except the shoulder (head) was a bit short
The solution was easy, I just added a crush washer to each of the levers
Once tightened down the levers can be positioned at any angle


The bolt heads are quick to rust but it hasn’t affected the functionality of these adjustable bolts.


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